Irina has been teaching our son maths for the last two years – in person and online. We hugely recommend her. Irina’s style is warm and inventive – it’s no surprise that she is so qualified and it is also obvious she is a Mother herself. Our son really enjoys and looks forward to his lessons. The teaching materials Irina uses are often very creative and a few times after his lesson my son has been inspired to use them to make his own art work. At a time when school curriculums are becoming more constrained it’s such a joy to see this kind of fusion of art and maths. Yet Irina also gently challenges – pushing our son to stretch himself. He now sees himself as “good” at Maths and that’s had a knock on effect on how he has approached his number work at school. More than that though I feel Irina’s lessons and homework have grown a love of puzzles and creative thinking which will put him in good stead whatever he decides to do. Thank you Irina! (12 December 2020)

― Mr. and Mrs. Martin, North London