Irene portraitHi! My name is Irene. I am a qualified teacher with PGCE (Primary) from the UCL IoE. My specialisation is in Maths, though I’m interested in all of the interrelated STEM subjects. I love reading children’s literature and finding interesting stories to connect with the academic subjects and discuss in the lessons.

I am designing teaching resources for a variety of subjects in EYFS, Key Stages 1, 2 and 3, which I frequently use myself during the lessons. All the pictures you see on this website (and the website itself) are made by me. I am also working on lesson plans and educational projects for children from 1 to 16 years old.

A very brief history of my learning


2018 University College London (UCL) PGCE (Primary) London, UK
2014 University of Westminster Master’s Degree in English Language and Creative Writing London, UK
2012 Lomonosov Moscow State University Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Law Moscow, Russia
2007 Moscow Power Engineering Institute (Technical University) Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science: Computer Added Design Moscow, Russia



2017 – My book display won Just Imagine competition. Got about 20 books from UKLA long list to add to my future classroom book corner.

2014 – Record Of Achievement for the successful completion of the 2014-15 University of Westminster Associates in Schools Scheme.

2010 – An award for Charity projects headway in New Economic School. From January 2010 to October 2012 I devoted most of my free time for charity projects working as a volunteer coordinator of Charity committee of New Economic School Alumni and Friends Association, supporting children in a boarding school in the village Obidimo of Tula Region, Russia. Organising educational games, coordinating volunteers, solving transport, budget, fundraising and other related questions.



Schooling with a big spirit   

A teacher is a strong personality, who is trusted for their rich background and experience. I believe that the teacher’s role cannot be narrowed to facilitating someone’s knowledge or just authoritarian projection of information, not a robotic exercise of some everyday functions, but an individual who enriches child’s life in many different perspectives.

My understanding of the role of a teacher is close to the ideas of Gert J.J. Biesta, described in The Rediscovery of Teaching. I strongly agree that: “To exist as subject therefore means that we engage with the question of whether what we desire is desirable, not only for our own lives, but also for the lives we try to live with others on a planet that has limited capacity for fullfilling all the desires projected onto it” (p. 4).

I think that although we are treating childern as subjects in relation to their own learning, we are (teachers and adults) here not only to facilitate the process, but to bring a positive impact on the process and guide it through seeming narrowness of every-day life to acquire global vision and understanding. This sometimes means that the teachers appeal to the future subjectness of children, to the adults they are to become.

Being taught at a school in Moscow makes me very close to the ideas of Lev Vygotsky. My students are always surprising me with their prior learning (either from home or school) and I’m always doing my best trying to scaffold what children already know and organising a constraction of a new level of their knowledge. Thus, the diverse classroom environment provide exceptional opportunity for sharing and expanding everyone’s world outlook.

There is no such thing as a genius child. It depends on the teaching and the environment. Everyone has a chance to become great and the adult’s high expectations together with the culture of the The Growth Mindset can nurture true genuineness and talents.

I truly believe in the future of project based teaching, which could be much more engaging and motivating than the subject based teaching. Although, I do not deny subject based teaching completely, because some areas need to be practiced and rehearsed before application in the project. Thus the subjects are there to support projects. Much knowledge is drawn through the cross curricular engagement of different topics.

My dream is to set up a new multilingual school with project-based approach to the education, where children will be busy learning new skills while building models of aircrafts, creating new recipes, taking care of small pets in a school pet corner, planting flowers or reprogramming vacuum cleaners. 🙂

If you want to get more information about my lessons or morning/after school clubs please get in touch.