This is a witty book (first published in 2014) of surprising rhymes from the award-winning authors Kes Gray (writer, and Jim Field (illustrator,

The book can’t be translated properly to any language and should be enjoyed strictly in English. The words match together in a rhyme, and the rhyme matches the pictures that make a funny story. Everything is harmonically bound together. Gorillas sit on pillars, rats sit on hats, weasels sit on easels, and moles sin on poles. And “it is not about being comfortable… it’s about doing the right thing.”


The book is about the rules, taught in a funny way. It provokes critical thinking and won’t leave anyone indifferent. When read aloud, children tend to join in and guess the coming rhyme. This is a perfect book to brighten English language lessons for Year 2 or Year 3 class. It can also be followed with the second part, called “Oi Dog!”

You can play a number of language games with the class based on the rhymes from the book. For example, imagine a wild house, which you need to furnish for the animals. Groups of children get different animals to place in their houses and they need to draw the furniture, stick the animals and write captions, like “a lion sit on an iron”.

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