Irina and the Dragon: Houses and trees puzzle

Here is the link for you to download the Houses and trees puzzle. 20210930 - Trees and houses puzzleDownload This puzzle works for the development of logical reasoning skills and problem solving skills. The rules are very simple, however, if you have not yet worked much with tables or coordinates, if you don't know how … Continue reading Irina and the Dragon: Houses and trees puzzle


Amazing book (first published in 2004) from my favourite author - the Oxford novelist Philip Pullman. In my mind I always put him in one line with such classics as John R.R. Tolkien and Clive S. Lewis. The Clockwork you might want to connect with many different subjects and make it an exciting cross-curricular topic for … Continue reading Clockwork

Oi Frog!

This is a witty book (first published in 2014) of surprising rhymes from the award-winning authors Kes Gray (writer, and Jim Field (illustrator, The book can’t be translated properly to any language and should be enjoyed strictly in English. The words match together in a rhyme, and the rhyme matches the pictures that … Continue reading Oi Frog!