Irina and the Dragon: Houses and trees puzzle

Here is the link for you to download the Houses and trees puzzle. 20210930 - Trees and houses puzzleDownload This puzzle works for the development of logical reasoning skills and problem solving skills. The rules are very simple, however, if you have not yet worked much with tables or coordinates, if you don't know how … Continue reading Irina and the Dragon: Houses and trees puzzle

Irina and The Dragon: Ordinal numbers It's our second episode of Irina and The Dragon's Mathematics for children. We invite you to help Irina sort out the toys on shelves and put them all in order. You will learn that numbers can be used as ordinals (to put items in order and to indicate a single item) or to show … Continue reading Irina and The Dragon: Ordinal numbers


Amazing book (first published in 2004) from my favourite author - the Oxford novelist Philip Pullman. In my mind I always put him in one line with such classics as John R.R. Tolkien and Clive S. Lewis. The Clockwork you might want to connect with many different subjects and make it an exciting cross-curricular topic for … Continue reading Clockwork

2D or 3D?

Nowadays there are many hands-on resources for practicing sorting, patterning and size. Sometimes even producers call plastic blocks 2D shapes, which is quite confusing and can lead to the further mathematical misconceptions for young children. While the resources are very useful, because they can attract children's attention to different attributes of the shapes, it is … Continue reading 2D or 3D?

The Girl Who Walked On Air

Author: Emma Carroll. Author's webpage - There are some fun facts about Emma Carroll with photos and the real Pip himself. She is also listing some teaching ideas for the book. Structure of the novel The novel is divided into 2 "Acts" with a shorter "Interval" in between. The first act is placed in the … Continue reading The Girl Who Walked On Air